Sleepover with my crush Saturday Weo!

Well I like a guy named Brandon, call him B-Dawg ;) he’s so perfect! I think he’s shorter than me though. I don’t care I really like him. He’s so amazing and he tells me all the time how perfect I am for him. I can just be myself around him, like my retarded self. We always goof around with each other, he makes me laugh so easy it’s embarrassing. He seems like he’d be easy to love… He doesn’t care about my purity ring. Also I can us together, I think it’s funny how I told my older guy I didn’t want a boyfriend so I shut him down. LOL but with Brandon I don’t even think its a definite yes he’s so perfect. YOLO RIGHT. He’s different, forreal this time.

love perfect guy i like him sleepover dayumm gurl